6-year-old Oakland 'Picasso,' whose sidewalk drawings went viral, debuts work in art show

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Devon Mosley Jr., a West Oakland soon-to-be first grader made famous on the Internet for drawing his favorite cartoon character, “Sonic the Hedgehog,” debuted his work Friday evening at the Joyce Gordon Gallery and Foundation of the Arts in Oakland. 

Devon, 6, had five original works of art -- finger-painted cartoon abstracts -- displayed in a free youth art exhibition call "Joy and Healing," which featured art from several local artists who range in age from 5 to 25. The gallery is located at 406 14th Street. 

"Drawing makes me feel good," Devon said shyly ahead of the event.

His grandmother, April Littlefield, jumped in with a laugh: "He doesn't like all this attention. 

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All of the proceeds will go to Devon, so that he can buy an iPad and an Apple Pencil, the tools of choice that artists have recommended to him, Littlefield said. His pieces are selling for $10 each.

"People need to know about all the talent out there," art gallery founder Joyce Gordon. "I decided to put the youth in the front seat."

Gordon said that a colleague of hers had heard about the viral fame Devon achieved in June when his aunt tweeted a video of him drawing on the sidewalk with chalk alongside his brother. The internet went nuts for his mad drawing skills, and many noted his spatial skills and his fearless lack of hesitation. And Gordon decided to invite the young boy to her event. 

Oakland boy draws 'Sonic' cartoon, internet raves 

Littlefield called her grandson a 'Little Black Picasso' ” despite the fact that the Saint Vincent’s Day Home kindergarten graduate has never taken a formal art class.

Since his 15 minutes, Littlefield said that two artists -- Michael Free and Darryl Thompson -- have offered to mentor Devon and they work right near the gallery.

"I feel thankful," Littlefield said of her grandson's bright future.

But, she added, Devon definitely has an artist's temperament.

"He does better if we leave him alone," she said. "If I tell him what to do or draw, he gets an attitude." 

Friday night's Youth Exhibit at Joyce Gordon Gallery on 14th Street in Oakland kicks off the Oakland Youth Art Explosion. It is a street festival on 14th Street. Joyce Gordon's Foundation puts on the one day free street festival that takes place Saturday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.. Organizers say 14th Street between Broadway and Webster will be closed off, so the young artists can sell their work. The event will also feature live performances.

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED: In addition to the art that the youth will be selling, where proceeds go directly to them, there is an online live art auction up through Aug. 3 where adult artists will be selling their work. All proceeds from this auction will benefit the Joyce Gordon Foundation of the Arts. The youth exhibit will be up through August.