75-year-old woman shoots at home intruders in Oakland

A 75-year-old woman opened fire on two intruders who broke into her Oakland home and came under fire herself, authorities said. 

The home invasion robbery happened around 2 a.m. on July 26 at a residence near the Oakland Zoo in the hills on Ettrick Street in the Chabot Park neighborhood, according to the Oakland Police Department.

Officers said two armed men forced their way into a home and began searching. The elderly resident was the only one at the home when the intruders broke in.

Fearing for her safety, the 75-year-old woman pulled out her .357 Magnum and fired one round toward the suspects, police said. The suspects returned fire at the woman and fled the scene.


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Fortunately, the woman was not injured during the shooting, and there were no reports of physical injuries, according to the police.

"It's absolutely unbelievable what she was able to do," the woman's daughter told KTVU. "It's amazing. She is a Superwoman. We're all just lauding her and just amazed at her wherewithal."

Calvin Walker, a neighbor said, "She had the presence of mind to reach into her nightstand and get a weapon. And she had it under her covers, and when she saw an opening, she fired a shot."

The men fired back - about 17 to 20 shots - before leaving with valuables, including jewelry.

"We went over afterwards and we saw gunshots all in the walls," Walker said.

Oakland City Councilmember Treva Reid represents the area and is family friend of the victim.

"It's a miracle that she's alive after the number of shots that were fired in her home," Reid said.

Neighbors say the victim did the right thing.

"This woman is a hero," said neighbor Dave Lederer. "She kept her wits about her."

Her daughter said this should serve as a warning

"I believe that this is a message also for the criminals, that people in Oakland, we're tired of the lawlessness. People are standing up. People are fighting back," she said.

Neighbor Lynn Baranco agreed, saying, "They're really - they're playing with their lives because all these people out here are armed."

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