89 flights canceled at SFO, other airports minimally affected

Dozens of flights have been canceled this morning at San Francisco International Airport, while other Bay Area airports are reporting minimal effects from the wet and windy weather.
SFO spokesman Doug Yakel said 89 flights have been canceled at the airport.
The cancellations are split evenly between arriving and departing flights in and around the West Coast, Yakel said.
Some of the cancellations are a result of airlines consolidating flights because of weather conditions combined with light passenger traffic.
In addition to the cancellations, a handful of flights are also experiencing delays of about 60 minutes on average. The delay times could increase later in the day, depending on weather conditions, according to Yakel.
No flights have been canceled at Oakland International Airport this morning, airport spokeswoman Keonnis Taylor said.
A small number of flights though are facing minimal delays between 10 and 20 minutes. The delays are mostly on flights coming from Houston, Long Beach, Chicago and Seattle, according to Taylor.
Aside from the delays, Taylor said operations at the airport were running smoothly.
At Mineta San Jose International Airport, only one flight has been canceled because of the inclement weather. That flight on Alaska Airlines was scheduled to leave at 10 a.m. and was headed to Seattle, airport spokeswoman Rosemary Barnes said.
Additionally, one flight on United Airlines headed to SFO was diverted to the San Jose airport because of wind and weather.
Aside from the two incidents, Barnes said, "Things are looking pretty good."
During stormy weather, airport officials recommend that travelers plan for delays and say they should check in with their airlines for specific flight information.
Additionally, most airlines now offer proactive flight alerts, where travelers can sign up for text message alerts regarding delays and cancellations. Yakel recommends that travelers check with their airlines to receive the alerts, "especially on a day like today."