90-year-old survives hit-and-run, SFPD search for motorcyclist

A 90-year-old woman struck by a motorcylist who fled the scene in San Francisco is back home Friday afternoon after spending nine days in the hospital.

Her family is grateful she survived and is speaking out in hopes of helping police identify and arrest the suspect.

"You okay? You look great," Paul Sogotis tells his mother Rosie Sogotis as she arrived home, transported on a gurney with the help of an ambulance crew.  

"Today is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is today because god bless she came home," Sogotis said.  

The family shared surveillance video posted on social media showing the moment the motorcyle crashes into Rosie as she crossed the street on Diamond Heights Boulevard at Duncan.

It happened shortly before 3:15 p.m. on Veterans Day.  

"The motorcyle just kept going, didn't care about anything. Hit her. She tumbled, literally did a 360 and went right down," Sogotis said.

He said fortunately people in the area helped his mother and police arrived quickly.

Sogotis said Rosie takes daily walks in the area for exercise.

"She went to the post office. She had to drop off something in the mail."

She was on her way home when she was struck. 

San Francisco police released photos of the motorcylist who fled the scene.

Investigators are searching for more surveillance videos, witnesses and other information to help them identify and arrest the suspect.

"You can't unsee something you don't want to see. I had to watch it at least once and that was enough," Sogotis said of the surveillance video. 

Family members said Rosie's injuries included a right leg broken in three places, fractured ribs, and a laceration in the back of her head.

"I'm not going to put any energy into being upset and angry at that human being or that person, not even a human being. My mother's home and that's all that matters to me right now," said Sogotis.

Rosie appeared in good spirits.  

The mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother told KTVU she's doing well.

Her family hopes to get the suspect off the street so he cannot harm someone else.

"If the person is caught, he should be prosecuted to the extent of the law and no exception," Sogotis said.

Family members gathered to welcome her home and Rosie thanked them.

They said she is expected to make a full recovery and walk again, but that it will be a long road ahead, perhaps up to a year.

For now, this Thanksgiving will be a memorable one for the family.