A holiday tradition: Christmas tree shopping day after Thanksgiving

The day after Thanksgiving usually has a lot of people shopping, and that includes looking for a Christmas tree.

A holiday tradition unfolded at Clancy's Christmas Trees in San Francisco, and business was brisk.

"It's a lot of trees in a small area. It kind of feels like you're in this beautiful winter wonderland right in the middle of the city," said Matthew Ridenour, visiting with his wife and two young sons.

The scent of pine and the chill of the holiday season create an experience.

"Pretty amazing. We come here every year right after Thanksgiving," said Ridenour.

It's an outing to be enjoyed with family.

"I think it's very cool to see all this nature here," said Pasadena resident Abe Coher.

"This is my first time choosing a tree ever. I've never seen this many Christmas trees before in my life," said Gabbi Soong, another Southern California visitor.

Owner Stephen Clancy said this is the 39th year his family has been in business here, 

"This is a little piece of heaven. It's our own little piece of country inside the city," Clancy said.

He said there's no shortage of trees but expects to pay a little more due to inflation.

"For us, we went up just a couple of dollars…we grow our own trees so we're able to keep that down."

The quest for that perfect tree is a quest to capture of the magic of the season.

"I'm looking for something my kids love. The most important thing is they lit up and have the joy of the Christmas season," Ridenour said.

And the joy of the season was underway.

"Take in the Christmas tree vibe and go home and decorate it," said Faiz Haque.

Clancy's is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. until Christmas Day. The owner said he expects to be the busiest the weekend after Thanksgiving and the following weekend.

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