A mother's plea to improve safety on college campuses

LOS ALTOS, Calif. (KTVU) - It is a mother's plea on Mother's Day that more can be done to improve safety on college campuses.

"I would do everything I could and give away my own life a 100 times, if I could save my son," says Kelly Wang.

Last May, George Chen was one of six killed by Elliot Roger, in a rampage near UC Santa Barbara.

It was too late for her son. So Kelly Wang turned her thoughts to saving others.

"I can't sleep in peace when I think nothing has been done," says Wang.

And so she wrote an open letter, to all mothers on Mother's Day, in the hopes of spurring them to action.

She is calling for law enforcement to be more vigilant on college campuses, for background checks for student housing, for parents to be more aware of warning signs in their children, and for the media to be cautious not to glorify violence.

"And we have to. We cannot afford another Elliot Roger and come out some day and slaughter hundreds of children. We cannot afford that," she says.

And she and her husband worry that is exactly what will happen. They say, in the year since the killings, little has changed.

"We shouldn't see such things happen again and again," says George Chen's father, Johnny Chen.

Wang says she plans to speak to politicians, campus administrators, police and whoever else will listen.

She thinks mothers can have a powerful voice, if they come together.

"Please, please do something, even a little. You may have prevented a new violent attack and saved lives," says Wang.

The family plans to travel to UC Santa Barbara later this month to mark the anniversary of the shooting.