Abandoned cars removed from East Bay watershed

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EBMUD has been working to remove abandoned cars that were illegally dumped in East Bay reservoirs. Photo: EBMUD

Workers removed four sunken vehicles that were dumped into a watershed next to a reservoir that provides drinking water in the East Bay on Wednesday. 

The four abandoned vehicles are in the San Leandro Reservoir in Moraga and will be hauled out by workers for EBMUD.

It's part of an ongoing effort to improve the quality of the watershed, an EBMUD spokesperson told KTVU.

In July, eight abandoned cars and about eight tons of trash were removed from EBMUD reservoirs.

Workers rappel into the water and attach lines to the cars for trucks to then try to haul out. It can be dangerous work, according to EBMUD.

There was an increase in illegal dumping during the pandemic that has not relented, the EBMUD spokesperson said.