Abandoned Peninsula peacocks adopted by Stockton woman

This peacock was adopted by a Stockton woman at the Peninsula Humane Society. Oct. 18, 2019

After more than a day of watching  four peacocks parade around the Peninsula Humane Society, strutting their feathers and screaming wildly, a woman from Stockton has adopted the abandoned phaianidae.

“They were very loud,” said Buffy Martin Tarbox, spokeswoman for the humane society.  “Everyone is happy they have their new home.” 

Martin Tarbox told KTVU on Friday that the peacocks were taken home to a large property, where the woman who adopted them was an “experienced peacock owner.” She did not name the woman but did post a photo of her Facebook. 

On Tuesday, the Peninsula Humane Society put out a plea asking for a seasoned peafowl owner to take the beautiful birds home. The previous owners had thought they wanted a peacock, and then changed their minds. “Adopt don’t shop,” the society posted on Facebook as a warning to pet owners who may think they want to take care of an unusual animal.

Martin Tarbox acknowledged this was an unusual adoption request. 

She said that in the past, owners have dropped off abandoned turkeys, quails pigs and goats but “to my knowledge this is the first time we’ve had a peacock.” 

These peacocks were abandoned at the Peninsula Humane Society. Oct. 18, 2019