Adorable dogs showcased in 'Puppy Bowl' now up for adoption

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They were perhaps the most popular attraction around Super Bowl City last week: Furry, playful pooches who took part in a bowl game of their own, and now they're up for adoption.

The group of adorable puppies were featured the "Puppy Bowl" in front of San Francisco's Ferry Building. 

The event was part of an effort to encourage people to adopt shelter dogs.

The "Puppy Bowl" was filled with penalties like illegal barking in the back, running into the puppy and lots of holding (cuddling).

49ers wider receiver Torrey Smith was on hand to help coach the puppies.

The dogs are from the East Bay SPCA and San Francisco's Animal Care & Control which have now opened up adoption for the animals.

The Animal Planet, which broadcasts an annual "Puppy Bowl," organized the event and is helping to pay for the adoption fees and other costs for the two shelters.

As of Monday morning, the East Bay SPCA said three of the canine "Puppy Bowl" team players had already been claimed and seven others were still available.

San Francisco's Animal Care & Control had about a dozen of its puppies featured. No word yet on how many of those dogs have been claimed.