Affluenza teen Ethan Couch gets 2 years in jail

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The infamous “affluenza” teen Ethan Couch will spend the next two years behind bars.

Judge Wayne Salvant ordered Couch to serve four consecutive sentences of 180 days for the four people he killed in 2013 when he rammed a pickup truck into a crowd of people helping a stranded motorist.

Salvant initially said he wanted to take recommendations from attorneys before making a decision on whether or not to impose additional jail time.

“You’re not getting out of jail today,” he told the teen.

The judge reconsidered his ruling after hearing from prosecutors who pointed out that Couch should not be sentenced to a maximum of 120 days in jail, but to 180 days for each of the four counts of intoxication manslaughter under a separate part of Texas code.

The judge also set several conditions for Couch’s probation when he does leave jail. He will not be allowed to drink, use drugs or drive. He will also be required to meet regularly with a probation officer and get a job.

The Wednesday morning hearing was the first in adult court for Couch, who turned 19 on Monday.

Couch is accused of violating the terms of his juvenile probation last year when he and his mother went to Mexico after a video appeared to show him at a beer pong party.

Couch was given 10 years of probation for the drunken driving crash that killed four people south of Fort Worth three years ago.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.