After YouTube shooting, Silicon Valley increases security measures

In the wake of the YouTube shooting, the company said it now plans to review and increase security at all their offices. In Silicon Valley, the shooting is prompting some tech companies to re-evaluate their safety plans.

Liang Jia has worked at Google for the last three years. The hardware engineer never once worried about his safety until now.

“I feel sad and sorry about what happened,” said Jia.

Google, which owns YouTube, says YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam never got inside the San Bruno building itself but entered through a parking garage.

“I think Google is working on a security setup trying to make it more secure,” said Jia.

At Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, the campus like a lot of other tech companies is open with visitors from around the world. It wasn't hard to enter hopping on a Google bike. A YouTube spokesman addressed security measures in a prepared statement.

“We will be increasing the security we have at all our offices worldwide to make them more security not only in the near term, but long-term,” said YouTube Spokesman Chris Dale.

At Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, security was tight Wednesday night. In the main parking lot, there were a handful of private security officers on bikes, as well as Menlo Park Police on campus.

“It’s disappointment, frustration that we are where we are,” said John Spesak, CEO/President of Security Industry Specialists.

The Culver City-based company provides security services for several Silicon Valley companies. While Spesak wouldn't go into specific responses, he said the shooting speaks to a new reality that requires dialogue.

“It’s a challenge for all of us every single day in every environment when you are dealing with an individual who's willing to take those extreme measures,” said Spesak.