Air shows underway in San Francisco's Fleet Week

The Blue Angels took to the sky Friday afternoon as Fleet Week picked up steam going into the weekend. The air show is one of the highlights of Fleet Week and the show did not disappoint.

The roar of F/A 18 Hornets filled the sky as the Blue Angels performed over the city and the Bay. Fans say they look forward to the show every year, and this year with clear skies and warm weather lived up to the hype. 

"Well first off I love the location, second off I love the weather, and I just love the planes," said Aaron Sims. "I've been coming out since I was seven years old, and they came out of Moffett. I just follow them every time they come out for Fleet Week."

The air shows provide a major boost to businesses along the waterfront. The lobby of the Argonaut Hotel was packed with visitors. Hotel management says the air show packs in the guests. 

"Business has picked up," said Tony Roumph. "Great weather right now. So happy not to see the fog from last year, and you can see the lobby's packed there's a ton of energy in the Wharf right now. It's an amazing time to be here."

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The hotel in Fisherman's Wharf offers rooms with sweeping views of the Bay, something guests seek out. 

"They do go fast," said Roumph. "We do have a few left, but it's pretty special to sit in your room and watch all those planes fly by."

The air show has also offered a unique opportunity for the Positive Directions Equals Changes mental health and drug treatment program. The organization partnered with a vendor to sell souvenirs; raise money, and tell the public about their mission. 

"While we're offering some souvenirs to the people who are coming out to see the show we're also spreading the word about our program and services," said Maria Smith.

In addition to Friday's show, the Blue Angels will perform Saturday and Sunday afternoons.