Alameda Co. Sheriff's Office respond to apparent shootout on rural ranch

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Alameda County Sheriff's Office completed a 300-acre search on Thursday for an alleged armed suspect in an apparent rural ranch shootout.  No suspect was found and a road that was closed has reopened. 

The incident happened on the 22000 block of Eden Canyon Road. Sheriff's officials said there was a large perimeter and that Eden Canyon was closed going north. This is an area east of Castro Valley and north of I-580. 

Alameda County Sheriff's Sgt. Ray Kelly said that at about 3:15 p.m., they received a call from a ranch hand at the location. He said he was doing his rounds and apparently encountered a man dressed in camouflage armed with a rifle and that he was shooting at something on the property. 

The ranch hand told officials the camouflaged man then turned his rifle at him and fired several rounds. 

The ranch hand, who was also armed, returned fire and a shootout from about 600 feet apart was said to have ensued.

The ranch hand retreated to an area where he could get cell service and called the sheriff's department. They responded and are said to be with the ranch hand and are in the process of locating the shooter.

Sgt. Kelly says there was also a cell tower crew working in the area who were told to get out of the area by the ranch hand because of the active shooter.

CHP and East Bay Regional Parks Police assisted in this emergency response. A helicopter and airplane were also dispatched to the scene to look for the shooter.