Alameda County prosecutors' union backs recall of DA Pamela Price

Some Alameda County prosecutors say they support the recall effort against their boss: District Attorney Pamela Price.

The union, called the Alameda County Prosecutors’ Association, voted this week in favor of the recall, according to an email obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle. 

 Alameda County has about 150 prosecutors.

Roughly 85 percent of the members of the prosecutors' union took part in the vote. But it's unclear how many cast a ballot, or by what percent they voted in favor of supporting a recall.

In that email to the Chronicle, members cited unfair and hostile working conditions in her office as part of the reason they want the DA recalled. 

Price's critics say she is soft on crime and that her policies favor criminal defendants instead of victims.

Price defended herself at a news conference on Tuesday, dismissing the union vote, saying their motivations are political. 

"I do believe they are threatened by our review of past prosecutorial misconduct.," Price said. "I believe too many prosecutors were raised with very different values than the values this community holds today."

Earlier this year, a judge ordered the DA's office to review all of its death penalty cases, going back to the 1990s - after it was found that some prosecutors 30 years ago kept Black and Jewish community members off the jury in a death penalty case. 

Price says the prosecutor's union never liked her from the start and donated to her opponent's campaign during the last election.

KTVU has reached out to the union to get more information on the vote but has not yet heard back. 

Also Tuesday, Price announced that Chief Assistant District Attorney Otis Bruce Jr. will resign July 13, according to an email obtained by the Chronicle. The email did not say why. 

Price’s email described Bruce as a key player on her "transition team" who "worked tirelessly" to help her take over the office.