Alameda police issue 64 citations during sideshow that drew thousands

A sideshow in Alameda that drew nearly 3,000 people ended with 64 citations Sunday.

Police posted to Facebook that the sideshow happened at the former naval base on the west side of the island. Officers said they knew about the event beforehand and had multiple officers ready to help, as well as California Highway Patrol.

There were an estimated 1,000 cars participating, of which five were towed, authorities said. 

Responses to the APD post showed varied reactions to the event.

"Meh…I don't think it's that big of a deal. Husband and kid went down there to hang out and had a blast watching the cars," wrote Kevy Vona. "There's plenty of open space out there on the base. Seems like a perfect place for it. At least they're not on neighborhood streets racing."

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Another said the car event wasn't the problem, and that it was the "insane number of cars speeding to and from the event."

Others responded with concern because the sideshow was very loud and the traffic leaving Alameda through the Posey Tube was congested.

Sideshows started in Oakland during the 1980s and were originally intended for people to show off their cars. Many say they are an integral part of Bay Area culture, and should be protected. 

But over the years many have turned violent and have become a problem throughout the East Bay.

Earlier this month, a man who was frustrated with a sideshow was beaten by participants. The attack, captured on video, shows a man lunging at a car spinning donuts at 34th and Adeline streets and then hitting a white car. Several people were shown kicking and punching him repeatedly, even as he's on the ground. 

A new ordinance targeting illegal sideshows made it through Oakland's Public Safety Committee May 9. 

Under the proposed legislation, sideshow organizers and facilitators would face fines and jail time.