Alexis Gabe's remains have been found

City of Oakley announced the partial remains of Alexis Gabe have been found. In a post to social media, city officials said a resident of Plymouth in Amador County found what they thought to be human remains on Thursday afternoon. Forensic experts have positively identified the remains to be that of Gabe's. 

The resident notified Amador County Sheriff's Office who responded and later recovered the woman's remains. 

"Due to the time of day and diminishing daylight, it was determined it would be best to keep watch over the area and initiate a more thorough investigation this morning," City of Oakley said in a Friday evening news release. 

Oakley and Antioch police departments responded to the scene Friday morning to assist with the investigation. 

"The specific location is an area just off of Jackson Road in Plymouth. The area where Alexis’ remains were found has been searched further and no other remains have been located," Oakley officials said. 

A forensic odontologist positively identified the remains as that of Gabe's. The family has been notified. City officials said Jackson Rd. is an area identified earlier as an area where Gabe's boyfriend traveled to in the hours and days after she was reported missing. 

Gabe was 24 when she went missing on January 26, 2022. She was from Oakley, but Antioch P.D. were involved in the investigation of her death. Gabe was killed by her boyfriend, Marshall Jones, at his Antioch home. Jones was ultimately killed in a standoff with police in Seattle when they went to arrest him for murder. But Gabe's body was never recovered. 

"Due to the nature of the condition of Alexis’ remains, and the lack of her full body, we do believe the remainder of her remains are scattered in various areas," officials said. "Due to the condition of Alexis’ remains we realize there may never be a full recovery of her." 

Earlier this month, there was a glimmer of hope in the search for her remains, but the bones found in the Sierra Nevada were that of an animal. 

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City of Oakley indicated they would not extend a reward in this case for any future remains that may be found. A press conference is scheduled for Monday. 

Gwyn Gabe, the father of Alexis Gabe, posted on Facebook Friday evening about the discovery of his daughter's remains. The post is on the Help Bring Alexis Gabe Home Facebook group. She indicated there would be a press conference on Monday. While city officials said the family requested privacy during their time of mourning, Gwynn Gabe also posted to the group earlier on Friday that there would be a candlelight vigil Dec. 9, followed by a celebration of life scheduled for Jan. 28, 2023 to help bring a sense of closure.