Alexis Gabe search: bones found by volunteers came from animal

Alexis Gabe. Photo via Facebook page: Help Bring Alexis Gabe Home.

Dashing the hopes of the family of a slain Oakley woman, officials told KTVU on Monday that remains found in the Sierra Nevada over the weekend were not human – and therefore never belonged to Alexis Gabe, 24 – and instead belonged to an animal.

A forensic anthropologist "was able to quickly determine that the bones did not come from a human. We do not have any bones in our possession believed to be human and we have not sent any out for DNA analysis," said Amador County Sheriff Capt. Jarret Benov.

Alexis Gabe's father, Gwyn Gabe, said he didn't have an immediate comment to the revelation. 

He added that the area around Pioneer, Calif., 60 miles from Sacramento, is still being searched.

On Sunday, Gwyn Gabe was hopeful when volunteers who found bones along Old Defender Grade Rd. just off Highway 26, might have belonged to his dead daughter.

Alexis Gabe was killed by her boyfriend, Marshall Jones, on Jan. 26 but her body has not been recovered. 

Jones was ultimately killed in a standoff with police in Seattle when they went to arrest him for murder.