Amber Alert over: Doraville toddler found in Florida; father surrenders

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An 18-month-old Georgia boy was found safe in Florida following a nationwide Amber Alert. 

Doraville police announced early Monday afternoon, Willis Johnson, 31, surrendered his son, Carter Johnson, peacefully to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The two hadn't been seen since April 1. 


Doraville Police told FOX 5 News that Johnson was supposed to exchange custody of his son to the toddler’s mother at the police station on April 1 by court order. That meeting did not take place and no one had seen nor heard from either father or child since.

"That exchange did not happen, an Amber Alert was attempted at that point, but the GBI thought there was no danger to the child," said Doraville Police Officer Gene Callaway.

Callaway said the situation became more urgent when investigators learned of apparently dangerous behavior on the part of Carter's father. Friday, a national wide Amber Alert was issued. 


"There has been an alleged physical altercation that left the mother of this child pretty damaged," said Officer Callaway. 

Authorities believed the boy was in extreme danger, but were able to safely locate him in south Florida with his dad. Doraville police officers successfully convinced Johnson to open the door and release Carter to Florida authorities. 

"We are expecting Florida Department of Children and Families to take custody of Carter," Doraville police said.