Armed carjackings near SF General Hospital leave staff on edge

Nurses and doctors said they're concerned for their safety after three carjackings in the past few months near Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

Hospital employees said the most recent happened Saturday morning and that there have been other similar incidents in recent months.

An alert sent out by the hospital to employees said an armed carjacking took place at 23th and Vermont Streets Saturday morning about 6:45.
They said a female employee was sitting in her vehicle when two men approached with guns and forced her out of her vehicle and then drove off. 
The car was found later nearby.

"Feeling scared. And fearful about the surroundings," said nurse Maribeth DeLeon.

"It's pretty shocking to have someone have their car jacked when they're going to work," said nurse Rocelle Llagas.  

Employees said people work all hours of the day and that there have been other carjackings: three near the hospital they can recall in recent months.

"I actually had my car broken into in the garage . With that news you just have to be extra vigilant about your surroundings," said DeLeon.  

Employees said they received an email from the hospital about the carjacking hours after Saturday’s carjacking. 
It said that sheriff's deputies are patrolling the area. 
"A few of my co-workers and I think it seems to be escalating," said Llagos.

"I was going into work that morning. And those types of alerts are concerning," said Dr. Chris Colwell, Chief of Emergency Medicine. 

"It's a statement of the world we live in right now. Here we are wanting to come in and take care of patients. It can be a risky situation trying to go to work to take care of folks."  

Hospital workers said the carjackings are a reminder not to stay in their vehicles for long and to be alert at all times.

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"Keep your eyes and ears open.  Definitely get a buddy if you're leaving work and it's dark. If it feels sketchy, follow your gut instincts," said Llagos.  

Hospital officials said the employee who was carjacked on Saturday was not physically injured.
Workers said there is an escort system where sheriff's deputies escort employees to their cars.
But one nurse said they are not always available.

KTVU reached out to San Francisco police but have not heard back.

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