At-risk U.S. Marine Corp veteran goes missing from San Francisco

San Francisco police are asking for the public's help in finding a missing U.S Marine Corps veteran last seen more than a week ago.

His family says he has health problems and is unable to care for himself.

Abraham Siliezar lives on Kearny Street in San Francisco's financial district at the Stanford Hotel-housing for veterans.

His sister, Alexandra Siliezar, is concerned that he may be lost or come to some harm because he suffers from severe health problems. She is on a mission to find her older brother.

"My brother's been missing. He's a U.S Marine. He's been missing for nine days," Alexandra said.

Abraham has been missing since August 10.

His sister said she had last spoken with him the night before his disappearance.

Alexandra said her brother called her saying that he wasn't feeling well.

"He told me he had a severe headache, abdominal pain and fever," she said.  

She called for an ambulance to pick him up at the Stanford Hotel where he lives, but later discovered that he refused to be transported.

Alexandra said the front desk staff at the hotel told her he was seen leaving the building the next day.

But Alexandra said she hasn't heard from him since.

"He's a loving brother. Every day, we talked, multiple times a day," said Alexandra. 

She said Abraham has never taken off like this before. 

He suffers from a traumatic brain injury and has early stages of dementia.

She describes him as being frail. He's five feet five inches tall and weighs 138 pounds.

She's concerned for his safety. 

"Foul play or at best, he had a stroke and doesn't remember who he is," said Alexandra. 

She has enlisted the help of friends to look for her brother and hopes others will too.   

"He served our country. He sacrificed, so to the extent that we can mobilize a caring community in San Francisco to help find him and bring him home safely. It means the world to us," said Gabrielle Miller, a friend. 

Alexandra says there have been unconfirmed sightings of him around the city. She says he loves visiting the library and Golden Gate Park.  

"He acts very impulsively. If he's thirsty or hungry, he might take something from a store as survival mechanism," said Alexandra, but that he's gentle, quiet and nonviolent,  

She said he's proud of his service in the U.S. Marine Corps and loves his family.

"Please look for my brother. He served this nation. He is a loving human being," said Alexandra. She said her brother has a long scar on his right arm and that he frequently takes Muni.

Police said Abraham is considered to be an at-risk missing person. 

His sister is asking that anyone who sees him to contact police.