Austin woman celebrates her 100th birthday

Agnes Nelson Roberts has seen the world change exponentially since she was born in 1917. 

The first of seven children, Agnes says one of her favorite modern day conveniences to come about during her lifetime was getting electricity in her parents' home.

"They turned the light on and I realized it was in their house and I was just excited," Agnes says.

As a self proclaimed lover of travel, Agnes frequently found luck in one of her favorite destinations: Las Vegas. She says the Sin City penny slots turned into big payouts.

"I think it was, one time, around $1,000," Agnes says.

Agnes has faced some difficult times as well in her 100 years. She's overcome typhoid fever, cancer, a double mastectomy, a broken wrist and a hip replacement. Agnes jokes, "I always thought I was lucky but it sounds like I was pretty sick!"

Agnes's daughter Pam McAfee says, "We always laugh and say she's held together with bailing wire."

Three generations joined Agnes to mark the milestone at Brookdale Northwest Hills Senior Home. And Agnes says it's actually a double celebration because her friend Maxine Tuttle was born on the same day.

"Well it's really exciting to celebrate with Agnes because the day she turns 100 I'm going to be 90," Maxine says.

So of course you have to ask someone who's lived such a long life, what's the key to longevity? 

"I never drank," Agnes says, "I would drink at birthday parties when they had a little something nice, I would drink."

So it may just come down to moderation. Something Agnes says she hopes younger generations follow her example and not do moderately? Get active and live in the moment.

"Get up and do things. Don't sit in the house and watch TV all the time."