Ayesha Curry opens pop-up shop 'Homemade' in Jack London Square

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Ayesha Curry, a busy mother of three and wife of basketball super star Stephen Curry, is launching a new venture in hopes of inspiring families to spend more quality time at home. 

Our KTVU crew caught up with Curry on the eve of her store 'Homemade' opening in Jack London Square where she said she was nervous, but hopeful.

Curry said the physical shop is outside the realm of things she's done in the past. "A lot of things I do are via online - and then of course I have my restaurant which is a physical place, but this is different than food. These are all of my products. Hopefully everyone will be receptive to me being here in the Oakland community," she said. 

Homemade first began as a meal kit delivery service but is now expanding into the area of home decor. The store aims to offer up a cozy and chic collection of cross functional products with everything from bedding to kitchen tools. 

The front window of 'Homemade' is dotted with herbs in mason jars with the text "Back to the Roots."
Curry seems to adhere to that philosophy in her own life saying her mission is to inspire others to be home with their families more. "If I can make that a little chicer and cuter and cozier then I'm all for it," she said.

She got candid about her home life saying, "I don't think balance exists. I think it's finding beauty in the chaos and realizing that everything that's happening is such a blessing. The kids are healthy and we’re safe and that's all that matters. We love what we do so that makes it easy."

She added her ideal night at home would be a home cooked dinner with a large glass of wine, lit candles, a nice warm blanket and some Netflix.

Curry had advice for working moms who want to pursue their goals in business saying the 'mom guilt' will never go away. "Just go full speed ahead. Don't let anyone tell you no. The mom guilt is never going to go away... you're doing a great job mom and just know that your children are watching you and they're going to look up to you and think what you're doing is so amazing. And know you're setting an example."

Stephen Curry arrived at the store in a show of support for his wife saying, "It's pretty special knowing how hard she works, how much time she puts into it. Everything that you see in the store has got her DNA written all over it.”

The pop-up will be open from Feb. 2 through Feb. 28. Homemade will be open Wednesdays through Fridays from 4-7 p.m. and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends.