Baby bobcat rescued after its abandoned by its mom

A homeless man teamed up with his girlfriend and his sister to save a baby bobcat at Fairmount Park in Riverside, California.

The small animal had been abandoned by its mother. Animal control officials say the saga began on Friday along the Santa Ana River Bike Trail near Fairmount Park.

Winda Bosquez and Amber LaFortune were riding bicycles near their encampment when they noticed a fence was separating two bobcat cubs and the animal's mother.

The women reunited one of the cubs with the mother, then the two animals ran away, leaving the second cub behind. To make matters worse, a pair of crows swooped in and came within inches of the abandoned cub. 

That's when the women placed the little bobcat in a backpack and returned to their encampment. LaFortune's boyfriend, 39-year-old Mike Lairy, called Animal Control workers and they took the critter to the animal shelter in Jurupa Valley. 

Officials believe the bobcat is about 3-months-old and he is expected to be turned over to state fish and wildlife authorities.