Barber holds community vigil after fatal W. Oakland police shooting

For 21 years, a man who goes by the name of "Truck" has operated Upper Kutz Barbershop across from the West Oakland BART Station.

He says in all that time no problems have happened on this corner.  That is until Wednesday afternoon, when two men he knew from the neighborhood got into a confrontation at Seventh and Chester Streets.

"One has been a customer in my shop for a very long time, but one just started coming," says Truck.

Investigators say one of the men pulled a gun and started shooting.  

A BART police officer working at the West Oakland Station heard the gunfire and ran across the street. 

Oakland police say once on scene the BART officer saw the two men struggling. One had a gun, the other was wounded.

Investigators say the BART officer gave the man several commands to drop his gun. Before shooting and killing him.

For "Truck" it's not about BART police, but about how the community can heal.  "

To look out my door and see a black man laying on the ground bleeding in handcuffs, which I don't like and to see a black man laying there dead...I hated to see. That's the concern," says Truck.  

He says the man, who Oakland police identified as 28-year-old Shaleem Tindle, has children who will no longer see their father.  

He says this is something that is happening all-too-often in this day and age.  He says that's why he called for a prayer vigil to remember everyone involved. Just not the person who's no longer here. 

"It's about both parties, people who were involved in the matter.  That's what I want us to do come together, pray together," says Truck.  

Investigators say the BART officer was wearing a body camera that recorded the confrontation. But they are not ready to release it to the public. 

The prayer vigil was scheduled for Thursday at 5:30 p.m.