BART officer discharges weapon; 1 suspect dead

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Oakland Police have identified a man who was shot and killed on Wednesday near in a shooting that involved the West Oakland BART station as Shaleem Tindle, 28 of Oakland.

Two suspects were shot during BART police activity in the Lower Bottoms neighborhood of Oakland,  Oakland police said. 

Around 7 p.m. Oakland Police confirmed one of the suspects who was in critical condition had died. 

The shooting happened at about 4:40 p.m., just north of the station on 7th and Chester streets, according Oakland police officers. No officers were injured and there are no outstanding suspects at this time. 

BART police called in assistance from the Oakland Police Department. Both adult male suspects were transported to a local hospital and both of them had gunshot wounds. A gun has also been recovered. 

One witness, LeQuisha Stanley, said it was an argument between two men that started in a barbershop that turned into a shooting. She said the two men were exchanging words and that the BART officer was already at the scene. 

Stanley said things quickly escalated. 

"One of them shot my friend in the leg and the police shot and killed the guy that shot my friend in the leg," Stanley said. "I guess they heard the dispute and once he got shot, they came running across the street shooting." 

At an early evening news conference, OPD Officer Johnna Watson said a BART officer did discharge their firearm, but it could not be confirmed if the wounds came from the officer's weapon. The reasoning given was because of the gun that was recovered from the scene.   

BART Police chief Carlos Rojas said the shot fired involving the BART officer was in Oakland Police Department's jurisdiction. 

Oakland police say, the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office has been notified of this incident.

BART service was not impacted, but at least four AC Transit lines are experiencing service disruptions. 

Investigators are interviewing the involved officer and witnesses. OPD says they will not likely have any more media updates until Thursday.

KTVU reporter Rob Malcolm contributed to this report