Delta plus variant COVID cases confirmed in Bay Area

Santa Clara and Marin counties have detected multiple cases of the delta plus variant, a first in the Bay Area. 

There are 64 known cases of the delta plus variant in Santa Clara county as of Wednesday, according to the county's department of public health

Marin county also announced that they confirmed two cases of this delta variant sub strain in July, according to their official COVID dashboard

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What sets the delta plus variant apart from the highly contagious delta variant is that delta plus has acquired the spike protein mutation called K417N, which was first identified in the beta variant that originated in South Africa. 

The delta plus variant, also known as AY.1, is a sub strain of the highly infectious delta variant. 

Cases of it have previously been confirmed in South Korea, the United Kingdom, Portugal and India.

In California, there were 14,402 newly confirmed cases of COVID Thursday, according to the state's department of health