Bay Area health departments bolster vaccine supply with kids now eligible for doses

Bay Area health departments have begun receiving their first doses of the Pfizer pediatric COVID vaccine for children and are planning to administer them this weekend.

Marin County said it has roughly 3,000 doses of the vaccine available. The shipments arrived Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The county is planning to open vaccine clinics at various schools throughout November and December, starting with Miller Creek Middle School on Sat. Nov. 6.

"We're hopeful that we'll reach three quarters of our 20,000 residents, age 5 to 11, within one month and we will have enough vaccine to meet that need," Dr. Willis said.

Parents can start making appointments online.

Alameda and San Francisco counties are among the other Bay Area counties working with school districts to set up vaccination clinics at school sites. Alameda County is working with nine school sites. San Francisco is working with four school sites that will have the ability to vaccinate up to 250 children a day.

Contra Costa County said it has roughly 20,000 dose for children. It will start administering shots on Friday at various clinics throughout the county. Appointments can be made online starting Thursday afternoon.

Pediatricians and pharmacies will also have the vaccine. CVS Pharmacy said the Pfizer pediatric vaccine will be available at 266 select locations across California starting Sunday Nov. 7, according to Lisa Kalajian, Licensed District Leader for CVS.

"As the vaccine is coming into the stores, those stores are being released as a location for appointments to be made. So we are recommending for parents just to keep checking," Kalajian said.

Appointments can be made online or through the CVS app. Kalajian noted that children are welcome to bring a book, blanket, or toy to comfort them during the process. Parents or guardians must be present with the child during the 15 minute observation period after the shot is administered.

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