Bay Area Muslims warned after threat in UK

A warning is going out to the Bay Area's Muslim community Tuesday. 

They're being urged to stay vigilant after threats of violence against Muslims in Britain.  

Anonymous letters have labeled Tuesday 'Punish a Muslim Day.'

A safety alert went out to students at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill. 

Police will step up patrols on the campus Tuesday.  

In the UK anonymous letters called for April 3rd to be "Punish a Muslim Day," and those letters encouraged acts of violence with a troubling point system.   

While the threat seems to be directed at British Muslims, members of the Bay Area's Muslim community are concerned about hate crimes here at home.  

The local chapter of CAIR, the Council for American-Islamic Relations, issued a safety warning urging increased security at Islamic institutions.  

Anyone who witnesses harassment or violence against members of the Muslim community is asked to report it right away.    

Despite the warning, students are urged to go to class.