Bay Area school districts revise indoor mask policies for students

School districts across the Bay Area are letting families know whether students must continue to wear masks indoors later this month now that the decision is being made at the local level. Gov. Newsom announced yesterday that the state will no longer require students to cover their faces after March 11.

That announcement, which also lifted a requirement that unvaccinated people wear masks indoors, meant that school district and county officials will now set policies on masks in classrooms.

San Francisco Unified has already announced that its students will be required to continue wearing masks.

Some districts, including San Ramon Unified announced that as of March 14, teachers and students won't have to wear masks inside, although they will be "strongly recommended." 

Mount Diablo Unified is following the state's lead as well, making masks optional. So is San Jose Unified.

Contra Costa and Santa Clara counties will also allow students and teachers to take off their masks if they want. 

The Oakland Unified School District said it's waiting for more guidance from Alameda County to issue a ruling. 

The whole process has some parents elated, others frustrated and still others confused.

"I'm all for it," said Nicole Meyers, a parent in the San Ramon Unified School District. "Progress is always good."

But Dana Parson said she had no real opinion on what the right thing to do is. 

"I’m not for it or against it," she said. "I'm really not sure what to think."

School districts that have decided to go mask optional:

School districts that will require indoor masks:

  • San Francisco Unified
  • South San Francisco Unified will discuss the issue on March 10

School districts that haven't decided on the updated mask policy: 

  • Oakland Unified
  • Hayward Unified