Bay Area wildfires: Latest on CZU, SCU, LNU, and Woodward fires

The Bay Area has been devastated by several major wildfires around the region, from the Santa Cruz mountains to Lake Berryessa. 

Cal Fire said many of them were sparked by a "lightning siege" or dry lightning strikes that started on Aug. 15. The fires have become some of the largest in California history.

The wildfires have been blamed for multiple deaths and the destruction of hundreds of homes.

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Thousands of residents who were evacuated from their homes have been allowed to return as fire crews continue to gain ground on the wildfires and containment grows.

MAP - August 20, 2020. The Meyers and Wallbridge fires are burning near the Sonoma County Coast. The LNU Lightning Complex fire is made up of 7 fires in Napa, Sonoma, Solano, Lake and Yolo Counties. The SCU Lightning Complex fire is the combination o

Here are the latest details about the size and damage from each blaze:

LNU Lightning Complex
Where:  Sonoma, Napa, Solano, and Lake counties
Size: 375,209 acres
Containment: 87%
Injuries: 4 civilians 
Fatalities: 3 in Napa County; 2 in Solano County 
Structures Destroyed: 1,491
Structures Threatened: 1,350
Structures Damaged: 232

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CZU Lightning Complex 
Where: Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties
Size: 86,509 acres
Containment: 56%
Injuries: 1 civilian 
Fatalities: 1 person
Structures Destroyed: 1,490 in total (of that 925 were homes) 
Structures Threatened: 7,647 and approximately 13,000 people evacuated
Structures Damaged: 140

SCU Lightning Complex 
Where: Portions of Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, San Joaquin, and Stanislaus counties
Size: 396,624 acres
Containment: 82%
Injuries: 2 civilians, 3 first responders 
Fatalities: 0 person
Structures Destroyed: 87
Minor structures destroyed: 44
Structures Threatened: 0
Structures Damaged: 37

The LNU, CZU, and SCU wildfires have burned a combined 858,342 acres. 

Woodward Fire
Where: Marin County
Size: 4,704 acres
Containment: 71%
Total Personnel on fire: 418
Crews: 11
Engines: 22 
Helicopters: 4