Bear enters home, swims in pool in Simi Valley

A black bear is making himself comfortable in a Simi Valley neighborhood this Labor Day weekend.

Police say a black bear was spotted swimming in a pool and rummaging through yards in a section of northeast Simi.

"I just happened to look over the window and I thought it was a person swimming in the pool," said homeowner Mike Emanuel, "I was like, ‘Who the hell was in the swimming pool?’"

Emanuel says he watched the for several minutes before calling the nonemergency line because he didn’t want anyone to shoot the bear.

"I said, ‘Hey there’s a bear in my backyard,' and then they asked me if I’d been drinking," laughed Emanuel.

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The high temperature Sunday in Simi Valley was 108 degrees, so Emanuel says he totally understands why the bear took a dip.

"It’s so dry out there… never in a million years would I think would there’d be a bear swimming in the pool," added Emanuel.

Saturday’s sighting was followed by another one Sunday morning where a person says a bear wandered into their home around 10 a.m. through an open door. There was no incident at either sighting according to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Officials say do not approach wild bears — adding that they return to their habitat after finding food.