#BeLikeRyland: 9-year-old NorCal boy honored for finding gender bias on English test

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Nine-year-old Ryland Ramos was honored by the Sacramento City Council when he showed adults there was implicit gender bias on his third grade English test.

One of the questions asked whether the proper pronoun for a mayor should be "their" or "his."
Ryland did circle “his,” the singular pronoun that is grammatically correct. But he added in pen:  "I think it should include women.”

The student at Holy Rosary School didn’t say much at the council meeting on Tuesday, but he smiled wide, wearing a black suit and tie. He also got to sit in the mayor’s seat, but needed something under his bottom to boost him up to reach the table.

“I just wanted people to know the story and I wanted people to understand this issue of implicit bias, it's not an issue about politics or party it's really just about people,” City Councilman Angelique Ashby –the only woman on the 9-person council - said at the meeting.

She has been the biggest proponent of Ryland’s story, blasting it out on social media, so that #BeLikeRyland was a trending hashtag.

 “This young man is a bright shining star and I am thrilled to honor him with a resolution from the City of Sacramento for his ability to identify gender bias on his 3rd grade test,” Ashby wrote on Facebook.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg tweeted, “Sometimes it takes a young person to remind adults how important it is to simplify that which seems complicated.”