Berkeley woman helping send kits for Ukrainian moms to deliver babies amid war

A Berkeley mother is hoping to raise awareness and money for mothers in Ukraine.

Ania Zimnoch grew up in Poland. She now lives in the Bay Area with her family and works as a birth photographer. Zimnoch has been in close contact with "The Association of Polish Midwives" in her home country. They are making birth kits for pregnant women in Ukraine who have not been able to escape.

Items in the kit include medical equipment and instructions on how to help deliver a baby. There are also newborn diapers, onesies, and blankets.

Kits being prepared for Ukrainian moms to deliver babies amid war.

Bay Area is coming together to help Ukrainian moms to deliver babies amid war.

"These birth kits are for Ukrainian mothers who are forced to give birth in shelters and basements, metro stations, often unassisted," said Zimnoch. "Because they are scared to go to hospitals because Russians are targeting maternity wards and hospitals."

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The Association of Polish Midwives is working in conjunction with the Ukrainian embassy in Warsaw to get the kits across the border.

Zimnoch said the organization needs to make at least 1,500 kits. If you want to donate, Zimnoch has sent up a "GoFundMe" where all proceeds will go toward birth kits. You can find the fundraiser here