Big Bust: Huge amounts of meth found concealed in bras

A spectacular amount of illegal drugs has just been seized down under, and the method of smuggling the stimulant is worthy of a Hollywood movie, but one that's PG-13 at least.

More than one billion Australian dollars worth of liquid meth has been discovered in gel bra inserts, the largest seizure of liquid methamphetamine in Australia's history. 

The *cleavage caper* highlights the growing popularity of the illegal stimulant that is called *ice* down under.

In addition to being hidden in the bra inserts, more liquid meth was also smuggled  in art supplies.

At the current conversion rate, the illegal drugs are worth approximately $890 Million US dollars.

All four suspects currently under arrest in Australia are Hong Kong nationals.

Australian narcotics officials say the bust was made with the help of China's national narcotics control commission.

Each suspect potentially faces life in prison.