Bill Clinton in San Francisco campaigning for wife

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Former President Bill Clinton was in the Bay Area Tuesday, raising money for his wife, Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign.

He began in San Francisco, then headed to Fremont in the early afternoon.

The fundraiser was held at the home of tech executive Ajay Bhutoria, at a time when Hillary Clinton is hoping to seal up the Democratic nomination.

Donors paid between $1000 and $10,000 to attend.

"It was meaningful for me because I was a Republican until he became president and then ever since then I switched over," says Clinton supporter Marc Naddell.

"More reason for us to vote for Hillary because he's going to be with her, the first man," says supporter Shaista Ali.

Attendees listened to Clinton speak, while dining on food from San Jose restaurant, M Asian Fusion.
The chef there stayed up until 4 a.m. carving campaign themed watermelons, and preparing food for the approximately 120 guests.

"We got a special request from the President to have vegetarian/vegan food. Our chefs created a lot of varieties from avocado mango salads to cauliflower ceviches, some wasabi tofus," says Ashwini Kumar, owner of M Asian Fusion.

Apparently Clinton even took extra food to go.

In his speech, he covered everything from global warming, and world peace, to Donald Trump.

"He kept everything very positive and just said listen: do you want a president who wants to build a wall or do you want a president that wants to build unity?" says supporter Ankit Shah.

But attendees say the focus was very much on the general election and that he did spend much time addressing Hillary Clinton's primary fight against Bernie Sanders.

"They are very confident that they will get all the votes they need in California," says supporter Tariq Abedi.

The Clintons are set to attend a fundraiser in Atherton Wednesday evening. Hillary Clinton will also hold an organizing event in San Jose on Thursday afternoon.