Bizarre threat latest twist in alleged Vallejo kidnapping hoax

VALLEJO, Calif. (KTVU and wires) – The Vallejo kidnapping hoax has taken yet another twist as the alleged kidnappers have asked for an apology from the local police department by noon Tuesday or "I/we may be the direct agent of harm."

The email was received by the San Francisco Chronicle targeted the Vallejo police spokesman Lt. Kenny Park.

The email stated contained a threat that if no apology is received by noon Tuesday for both calling the incident a hoax and threatening charges against the couple involved harm may be done to Lee and other officers.

"I/we may be the direct agent of harm. But it will be made crystal clear that the Vallejo Police Department, and you, Mr. Park, had every opportunity to stop it," the email read.

So far there has been no comment issued by Park or the Vallejo police.

The email stems from an allegedly kidnapping of Denise Huskins one week ago from her Mare Island home.

Her boyfriend claims he was drugged and tied up by the kidnappers and could not report the crime until 12 hours after his girlfriend's abduction. He also received a ransom demand for $8,500.

After an intense Bay Area search, Huskins turned up safe at her parent's homes in her hometown of Huntington Beach, 400 miles away from Vallejo on Wednesday.

Investigators said they believe the kidnapping was a hoax, but have not charged the couple with any charges as the incident remains under investigation.