Boy uses Ring camera to ask dad how to find his favorite TV channel

HASLETT, Mich. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) -- A Ring video is getting a lot of attention after a little boy used the home security and surveillance system to ask his father to help find his favorite TV channel. 

In the video that's now gone viral, the smart little boy from Haslett, Michigan is seen telling his dad that he couldn’t find the “Kid Channel” on his television. 

So, he went outside to the doorbell surveillance camera to ask his dad for help in a hilarious and cute video that's now been seen more than six million times. 

In the video, the boy, called "Baby Gracie," by his dad, explained that his mom was across the street and said he could come home and watch "the Kid Channel." 

The boy's father is heard in the video walking through how to turn on the TV and use the remote. 

"Baby Gracie" is seen bouncing off the screen with an enthusiastic “Love you! Bye bye!” 

FOX 46 reported on this story from Charlotte, North Carolina.