Bride in a panic, as Antioch golf course abruptly announces closure

The golf industry is in real trouble as fewer people take to the links for fun and recreation. On Tuesday, Roddy Ranch Golf Course in Antioch was packed with a lot of nostalgic players golfing their last rounds here.

Over the weekend Roddy Ranch Golf Course told some folks that it was closing on Thursday due to excessively high water bills.

But, the course didn't immediately contact preschool teacher Brittany Slaneys who had a $500 depot for her wedding there on the 20th.

"I found my venue in January. I sent my deposit in the first week of March and I found out on Sunday, that was it, that they were closing,” said Brittany Slaneys, the affected bride to be.

A day later, the bride to be got a notice of sorts. "I was contacted on Monday with a very generic e-mail that they were closing and that they were working on trying to get deposits, but wasn't sure," says Ms. Slaneys.

With invitations sent and RSVPs returned, panic set in “I was devastated, I was completely devastated. I had no idea where I was gonna turn," says Slaneys. Family and friends took to social media to find an alternative. "Shadow Lakes Golf Course in Brentwood just contacted me and came through, did everything that she possibly could: got my sate, same date, same time everything and went above and beyond everything I could ever ask for," says Ms. Slaneys.

What about that $500 deposit? The firm brought in to close the course down says the previous management firm will return all deposits.  But, the loss of the course, clubhouse and restaurant it is a real blow to the community.

“[It’s a] family place we've had Boys and Girls Club tournaments, a lot of charity work; I’ve had some of my best rounds here," says golfer Paul Lorenzo. "I am gutted. Like the Brits say, "I am shredded." This place was my go-to place," says golfer Dave Martin.

If this golf course was doing the same kind of business every day that it's doing today, there would not be a problem. But the problem is all over the country, golf courses are closing because older people aren't golfing as much and younger people. Many of them, are not golfing at all.