Britney Spears files petition to remove father as conservator

Britney Spears’ lawyer has officially petitioned to remove her father, Jamie Spears, as her personal conservator, according to a legal filing obtained by FOX News.

Britney is hoping to replace her father Jamie with Jodi Montgomery as the new full-time conservator of her person now and in the future. 

Montgomery was Britney’s acting conservator while Jamie temporarily stepped away from the position in 2019 due to "health reasons."

In a March 17 hearing, the pop star’s court-appointed attorney, Samuel D. Ingham III, told the court that he planned on filing a petition to make the singer's current "care manager" and temporary conservator, Montgomery, a permanent one — and with the submission on Wednesday, it appears Ingham has made good on that promise.

In documents obtained by FOX TV Stations on Sept. 3, Britney's lawyer stated that the singer no longer wants information on her conservatorship to remain sealed.

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Britney has been under a legal conservatorship overseen by her father for over a decade. 

The legal contract allows the singer's father to oversee her daily life and finances. 

Jamie Spears has been a co-conservator of his daughter since 2008 — after she suffered a widely-public mental-health crisis.

Jamie has been the target of the #FreeBritney movement since renewed attention was placed on the singer following the release of the documentary "Framing Britney Spears." Currently, the conservatorship gives Jamie control of the star’s estate. However, Spears recently began taking legal steps to reclaim agency over her life.

This story was reported from Los Angeles. Stephanie Weaver contributed.