Brothers both receive heart transplant

SAN DIEGO, CA- Twin brothers have beaten the odds when it comes to their health.

The 11-year-olds are among the first group of kids in San Diego to receive heart transplants.

The heart transplants don't end with the two brothers.

In fact, last week, their cousin also had the same procedure and he's also on the road to recovery now.

At just 11-years old, Raul already bears the scars of a tough life. He has a condition called restrictive cardiomyopathy.

"It basically causes the heart muscle to be very stiff and not relax," said pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Rakesh Singh, "They couldn't play sports anymore because they got short of breath and they had chest pain."

It`s a condition that runs in the family. Raul`s twin brother also has the disease, and there`s only one cure; A heart transplant.

In this case two.

"It`s a waiting game for the family, it`s miserable for one boy in one family and let alone have two brothers," said pediatric cardiac surgeon Dr. Daniel DiBarndino.

Eric was the first in San Diego to have the surgery, in January.

Then it was Raul's turn. He turned to his younger brother, by two minute, for courage.

"He was just telling me everything`s going to be ok and I knew it was," Raul said.

Both brothers are on the road to recovery.

And for once, the family is crying tears of joy and not pain.