California exodus: Utah governor tells Californians to stay away

Utah's governor told reporters outside the White House Friday that Californians should stay away from his state.

Gov. Spencer Cox took questions as he and other governors left a meeting with President Biden. Outlining a few key issues in his state, he said the population movement from California to Utah is a real problem and has to stop.

Utah was the fastest growing state in the nation over the last 10 years, he said, and much of the growth is coming from Californians fleeing the Golden State.

Gov. Cox said housing and water are big problems in Utah because of the growth.

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"We would love for people to stay in California instead of coming as refugees to Utah," Cox said.

When pressed further about what he meant he said he would love to see California cut taxes and regulations so that people wouldn't feel like they need to move.

Californians have been leaving the state en masse over the last couple of years. Texas and Florida are also top states people are choosing to relocate.

This story was reported from Oakland, Calif.