'I'm sick and tired of this,' Newsom says after California sees another mass shooting in days

California Gov. Gavin Newsom expressed frustration and anger on Tuesday after responding to another mass shooting in the state, this time in Half Moon Bay.

"I’m damn sick and tired of this stuff. I’m sick and tired of this," said Newsom in front of a group of reporters outside the I.D.E.S. Portuguese Hall of Half Moon Bay. "I don’t ever want to see this again."

The governor spent the afternoon meeting with community members, first responders, and some of the families of the seven people shot and killed on Monday.

"We have your back, you matter, we care, we’re here when you leave, when the cameras turn off," said Newsom.

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Newsom joined San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus and the FBI as the investigation continues into what Corpus called an act of "workplace violence."

The governor said he received a phone call notifying him about the violence in Half Moon Bay as he was meeting with victims from the Monterey Park mass shooting.

"The trauma, the damage, the devastation is felt for generations in some cases, communities being torn asunder, no one feeling safe," said the governor.

The state’s latest mass shooting renewed calls from local, state and national lawmakers for more gun safety laws.

California, home to some of the nation’s strongest gun safety laws, is facing legal challenges for its ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

"Shame on them, shame on those judges that are rolling back the laws we’ve established in the state of California, shame on them," said Newsom. "You deserve better."

Newsom and Half Moon Bay officials also pointed to the conditions some of the migrant workers were living in.

"’Now it’s been exposed how our farmworkers have been living, the living conditions, let’s not ignore that, the mental health support they need, let’s not ignore it," said Joaquin Jimenez, vice mayor of Half Moon Bay. 

The elected officials praised the way the Half Moon Bay community has come together through tragedy, an event that’s left an indelible mark on this tight-knit costal town.

"This incident has changed our history, never thought it’d happen, but it happened," said Jimenez.