California senator receives death threat, sex obscenities: report

Police searched the San Francisco home of state Sen. Scott Wiener after the politician received a written death threat filled with hate language and sexual obscenities.

The threat was emailed to members of Wiener’s staff, the San Francisco Chronicle reported

"We placed bombs in his office and his house," it said. "You bastards all deserve to die."

Wiener told the Chronicle that it was scary and that he had to wait outside for several hours as bomb-sniffing dogs did their work to clear the scene. 

But Wiener, an openly gay politician, said that hate-filled rhetoric is aimed his way on a regular basis.

On Saturday, Wiener had tweeted about what a group of Proud Boys did in San Lorenzo, when they stormed a library event where a drag queen was reading a book for Pride month, yelling transphobic remarks, scaring children and terrorizing families.