California's Death Valley could tie heat record

You think it's hot in the Bay Area?

Well, the hottest place in California – and most likely the entire country – is Death Valley National Park, located in Inyo County in California, near the border of Nevada. 

It hit 124 degrees on Wednesday.

And if that's not hot enough.

Temperatures will be in the 120s or higher, until the mercury soars to 129 on Sunday, which would tie a record for the date.

The all-time high in Death Valley is 134 degrees, which was set more than 100 years ago, on July 10, 1913.

"With global warming, such temperatures are becoming more and more likely to occur," Randy Ceverny, the World Meteorological Organization’s records coordinator, told the Associated Press last year. "Long-term: Global warming is causing higher and more frequent temperature extremes. Short-term: This particular weekend is being driven by a very very strong upper-level ridge of high pressure over the Western U.S."