Camp Fire pigs looking for a good home

The Marin Humane Society has taken in two pot bellied pigs who were displaced in the devastating Butte County Camp Fire.

They took in the two pigs, four dogs and 16 cats from the animal shelter in Oroville so shelters there could make room for the estimated 1,600 animals pouring into shelters from the fire zone.

The animals all appear to be healthy.

"There is some upper respiratory that is common and we see that. One cat was pretty ill, but has made a great recovery. So they are overall in good shape," said Keri Fennell, the director at Marin Humane Society.

The plan is to put up for adoption all the animals they have retrieved from Butte County; maybe as early as next week. None of them currently have owners. 

Both the pigs are about six-months old. One seems to be more outgoing than the other who seems kind of shy. We caught up with them around their lunch time. 

"There are a lot of animals that are reunited with their owners and that is lovely to see," said Carina DeVera from Marin Humane Society. "A lot of folks that board the animals there, it might take a while to re-unite. They might not have a place to go right now." 

The Humane Society also sent a team of animal control officers into the burned out neighborhoods to help search out feed, water and rescue any lost animals. They also sent a team to help manage the over-burdened animal shelters there. 

The adoption fee is being waived for these animals. The Humane Society said they just want them to find a good home.