Car crashes into hydrant, flowing water leads to sinkhole in Oakland Hills

A woman driving a car on Thursday evening hit a fire hydrant in the Oakland Hills causing torrents of water to be unleashed in one neighborhood.

"It was pretty crazy," said Jaquan Raymond.

Oakland firefighters say the woman hit the hydrant at about 7 p.m., setting off a gush of water near Marlborough Terrace and Norfolk Road. 

East Bay Municipal Utilities District says the car was on top of the hydrant, making it difficult for them to shut the water off. 

Two hours later, it was shut off, but not before a large amount rushed downhill, flooding at least one home on Buckingham Boulevard. 

EBMUD says the ground was already saturated and the additional water caused small mudslides and a lot of erosion, including what appears to be a large sinkhole. 

A section of Buckingham Boulevard was closed. The driver who hit the hydrant was taken to the hospital. There is no word on her condition.

A thick fog in the hills may have contributed to the crash.