Catholic leaders in San Francisco mourn Jace Young

Catholic leaders in San Francisco are mourning the death of six year old Jace Young, shot dead July 4th. On Wednesday they blessed the area where this tragedy happened and are raising awareness about the epidemic of violence that is claiming the lives of children across the nation.

The city of San Francisco is still reeling from the death of this six year old boy, and today was a day of reflection and mourning.

"Dear lord grant us the eyes to see Jace with you."

Catholic leaders reclaimed the very spot where six year old Jace Young was struck down by a bullet July 4th, saying this place of tragedy will also serve as a place where hope and community can thrive. Police say Jace Young and an adult man were the unintended victims of the shooting. "As this is home to the trauma and healing of our brother Jace it is also home to God. May God bless this space."

Catholic leaders praying for young and his family, also praying for and the families of other chidden lost to violence on Independence Day. "For Secoriea Turner eight years old in Atlanta. , Royta De'Marco Giles in Hoover Alabama. For Davon McNeal 11 years old in Washington DC, and Natalia Wallace seven years old in Chicago."

The catholic community coming together to mourn, a teacher from Jace's brother's school paying his respects. "I did not know the young man, the boy Jace," said Archbishop Riordan High School teacher Joshua Keeney. "But, I did know his older brother Jason."

 Mourners saying in this time of tragedy the community has to come together to end violence and support one another. "It's important to come out to show support to Jason, 'cause I know that, I imagine, losing a younger brother is so difficult,' said Keeney. "So, I wanted to come out here and support him and support the family."

KTVU is still waiting for word of an arrest or any more details about the suspect in this case.

Meanwhile the Gofundme account set up by the family with a $20,000 goal has already raised more than $65,000.