Caught on camera: Dog stolen from hair salon in San Jose

In San Jose, a hair salon owner and her husband said a thief stole their French bulldog named Hachi from the salon. It happened Wednesday around 10 a.m. at Salon 52 on Silver Creek Boulevard in East San Jose. 

The owner said she was busy cutting hair when a man walked in. He sat down and within minutes, the bulldog was gone. They fear whoever stole him will try to sell him.

Surveillance video captured the theft. In the video, the man is seen moving a chair. The dog’s owner said he unleashes the dog from his collar. When no one is looking, he grabs the dog and hurries out the front door.

“I’m just really upset and mad that someone could do that,” said Dog Owner Ron Biagini.

Biagini and his wife Anh Nguyen, who owns the salon, are heartbroken. Hachi was a gift from a friend. They describe him as sweet, loyal and obedient.

Nguyen was 20 feet away and suspected nothing. She said the man came in wanting a haircut. He left and then returned with a mango. The couple believes the man used the mango to lure the dog.

“My dog is so friendly,” said Nguyen. “He’s so cute. He took my dog out.”

Salon regulars called Hachi a fixture.

“It’s like kidnapping if you ask me,” said Customer Troy Devincentis. “Dogs are members of the family.”

The couple filed a police report and canvassed businesses in the plaza 

“Hachi is a beautiful dog,” said Biagini. “Greed maybe. Maybe wants to sell the dog. I’m not sure.”

They said the French bulldog is likely valued at $4,500 and Hachi is different, a blue fawn, which is a rare color. They desperately want their dog back and are warning other businesses don’t leave out anything of value.

“You wouldn’t think that would happen,” said Biagini. “You should go without saying, you shouldn't have to worry about those type of things.”

The suspect is described to be 35-40 years old last seen wearing a black and blue vertical striped hoodie. The couple is hoping cameras from merchants in the plaza will offer more clues. They’re offering a $1,000 reward for information that will lead to Hachi’s whereabouts. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact San Jose Police at (408) 277-8900.