Caught on camera: Man seen taking cash from registers at SF restaurant, ice cream shop

A thief was caught on camera stealing $400 from a cash register at Urban Bowls in San Francisco. It also appears that same man was caught stealing $200 from a register at Xanath Ice Cream in San Francisco two nights prior, according to the shop owner there who said the suspect description looks to be the same.

Urban Bowls Manager Frankie Lee said the man appeared normal as he was hanging out at a table Friday at 7 p.m. He was inside the eatery for 15 minutes and waited for two employees to go to the back.

Security cameras then captured the man getting up. The video shows him walking to the register, grabbing money and walking out the front door. Lee said it happened in 10 seconds.

“I’m just stunned,” said Lee. “I just don’t feel safe.”

Lee said the till was closed. The man had turned a key to open the register after likely watching employees.

There’s video of the man earlier in the day during the noon lunch hour when it was busier.

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“He just hung out for 30 minutes during the day,” said Lee. “He just kept looking around looking at the window, looking at the register.”

Lee created fliers and posted videos on social media.

One of Lee’s employees had a friend who worked at an ice cream shop a mile and a half way.

“It’s the same height, same build, different clothes but same face,” said Xanath Ice Cream Owner Juan San Mames.

Mames said the same man grabbed money from the register when an employee was cleaning dishes.

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“He was very bold,” said San Mames. “He knows we have good cameras. He was photographed at the other business very well.”

Urban Bowls is a family run business for three years. Lee said the eatery is beefing up security cameras and a more secure cash register, warning other businesses don't be the next victim

“Just running a business in San Francisco, it’s so hard a few hundred dollars could go a long way,” said Lee.  “For people like that they just keep doing it over and over again because they are successful at it.”

Lee described the suspect as 6’ tall with a slim build and in his 20’s.

Anyone with information is asked to contact San Francisco Police.