CHP investigating fires along Altamont Pass as arsons

Fire along the Altamont Pass July 22, 2023. Photo courtesy Alameda County Fire Department.

Cal Fire put out a series of fires in the Altamont Pass early Saturday. California Highway Patrol is now investigating those fires as possible arsons. 

The grass fires in Alameda County started in several places along an eight-mile stretch of Interstate 580 along Grant Mile Road. 

CHP said witnesses saw a man near one of the fires on the Portola Avenue undercrossing of the freeway. Officers said they would like to speak with that man. 

However, Cal Fire said there are other reasons fire may have broken out so close to the freeway. 

"Vehicles with faulty catalytic converters, or larger trucks without turbos, or bad breaks…there's a number of things that have the potential to also start fires," said Ed Orre, Cal Fire division chief. 

No one was hurt in the fires and no buildings suffered major damage. Anyone with information about how those fires started is asked to call CHP. 


Crews contain 55-acre fire along I-580 in Altamont Pass

Crews are battling a 25-acre fire along Interstate 580, according to Alameda County Fire. CHP said it is investigating several fires over an eight-mile stretch in the area as possible arson incidents.